Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive? (Ultimate Guide 2020)

Office chairs are not the chairs we use at home. Office chairs require more attention when you go to purchase them in comparison to home chairs. You will come across two types of these chairs. They are traditional chairs and kneeling chairs. You can go both of them for your office decoration.

And, when it comes to purchase office chairs, you have to consider a few important things because you and your employees need to sit on these chairs more than 8 hours a day continuously. Therefore, these chairs should be comfortable, ergonomic, long-lasting and so forth. That’s why; office chairs are so expensive having many beneficial features of them.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

Your office is not your home. You have to maintain some rules in your office. So, your office also needs special types of chairs that can be used for corporate purposes. When you go to buy office chairs, you have to ensure a lot of things in mind. These chairs should go with the theme of the office you own.

Why are office chairs so expensive

Materials of the chairs

Office chairs requires to build with good quality materials. Because office employees are going to use these chairs for most time of the day, meaning that they will sit on these chairs for more than seven to eight hours a day. Therefore, the material of the office chairs should be high quality to support the endurance of the wear and tear.

The material of the chairs should be high quality such as leather, vinyl and even polyurethane instead of using normal cloth and other normal foam for padding. Therefore, using these costly materials increase the price of these office chairs in comparison to other chairs that we use at home.

Chairs should be ergonomics

If you use cheap chairs in your office, you may experience a lot of inconvenience sooner or later. Because you have to sit on these chairs for more than eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. If these chairs do not provide you better sitting posture, you will face many health problems including back pain, lower body parts issue, spinal pain and so forth.

On the other hand, office chairs are of quality chairs and pricey. For your office purpose, you must consider ergonomic chairs in the design which will allow you better sitting posture. As a result, you will feel better sitting on these chairs when you work in the office.


When you purchase chairs for your home or other purposes, you don’t need to look for more customizable options. Other reason for that is these chairs are cheap. But if you go to buy chairs for your office, you have to consider its customizable functions. The more customizable option these chairs have, the more comfortable they will be to the users. Including these customizing options are armrests, headrests, back and butt areas of these chairs should allow you to adjust according to your needs.

If you go for kneeling chairs, you will receive more adjustable functions. You may have to adjust the knee pads or you may have to adjust the seat of the chairs. Depending on your needs, you can do all of them for office chairs. Thus, the price of the office chairs are expensive.

Sometimes, you need to adjust the height of your office chairs. In this case, if you have fixed height chairs, you cannot control their height adjustment and they are cheap for that. On the contrary, office chairs allow you to adjust the height as you require and that’s why; they are so expensive than other chairs for normal uses.

Durable than other chairs

Office chairs need to be durable and long-lasting. Because they are expensive and you don’t need to buy them frequently spending your hard-earned cash. So, you should consider to buy these chairs so that they do not get wear and tear for a few months. Therefore, the build of these office chairs should be high quality.

It is seen that most of the office chairs last for more than 8 years. So, if you invest your money once purchasing these office chairs, you don’t have to invest again for a long time. Cheap materials of office chairs will not last longer. Therefore, you have to spend more while buying office chairs.

How do I choose a good office chair?

As you are going to choose chairs for your office, you need to take a close look because you need to spend more than 8 hours a day, right? So, if you can consider a few important things before buying office chairs, you can end up buying the chairs that will fulfill your requirements.

Lumbar support

Your office chairs should provide you the best lumbar support. Otherwise, you may not work comfortably for a long time. So, before buying these chairs, make sure the build of these chairs ensure proper lumbar support for you so that you don’t have spinal issues.

Wheel base

While working in the office sitting on these office chairs, sometimes, you may need to move with your chair. Therefore, the wheel base of these chairs should be easy to move from here to there without making noise and obstruction.


The fabric of your office chairs should be breathable so that the foam inside the fabric will not become hotter after a long time of sitting. Otherwise, you cannot pursue your work continuously. You will feel uncomfortable at the back where your body keeps attached to the fabric. The more breathable the fabric of these chairs will be, the more comfortable they will be for using for a long time.

It should be adjustable

You may need to lower down the height of the chair or you may need to adjust the armrest of these office chair. Depending on your requirements, you have the option to adjust them. So, before taking the final buying decision, you should make sure that the office chairs you need to buy have needed adjustability functions.

Frequently asked questions

You may still have some questions in your mind, right? That’s why; we are going to answer some frequently asked questions. Maybe, you have the same question in your mind and you will get the answers as well from below.

Can an office chair cause knee pain?

If you use a traditional office chair which does not allow you to adjust according to your requirement, it may cause knee pain. A kneeling chair can help you get rid of knee pain if you have one in your office.

Do office chairs need wheels?

Of course, office chairs need wheels because you have to move from here to there inside your office space. So, if the chair have wheels, it will benefit you to move freely and save your time as well.

How long should an office chair last?

If you can purchase good quality of office chairs considering the best materials, they are expected to last for seven to ten years. It depends on the build of these office chairs.

Final thought

As the build, materials, technology and even fabric are of high quality, office chairs are so expensive. Because you have to pay for what you want. You need to spend more than eight hours a day sitting on these office chairs. So, these office chairs are costly due to their functionality and materials.

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