Pu Leather Vs Faux Leather: What Is Better?

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Pu Leather Vs Faux Leather this controversy leaves people with confusion about which one to purchase. People always want something cheaper and better. These two types of leathers are the solution to their problem. If you are someone who looks for the cheaper version of leather then have a glance at the article. You will get your answer.

However, in this article, you will have the notion of the two different cheaper versions of leather with their respective characteristics. You will be able to realize the pros and cons of both the leathers by comparison. It is guaranteed that after scanning the article you will be left with no more confusion.

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The following part of the content will enhance the notion about both the cheaper versions of real leather.

Pu Leather Vs Faux Leather: What You Need to Know for Perfect Differences

Pu Leather Vs Faux Leather

You need to know some points to understand the main differences between pu leather and faux leather. Here are some points which will help you to get an idea about these two leather.

1. What is it?

Pu Leather:

Pu Leather

Pu leather is the most commonly used unnatural or synthetic leather. This is polyurethane leather that is made of thermoplastic polymers. It contains a little amount of leather but also has a synthetic covered surface. Pu is a variety of faux leather.

Faux Leather:

what is it faux leather

Faux leather is also artificial leather which is the cheaper version of real leather. Faux leather is of two major categories such as Pu(Polyurethane) and PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride). Since Pu leather has a moisture texture, it is used for upholstery, product cover, clothing, etc. On the other hand, vinyl is not as monstrous or soft as Pu. So, it is used for electronic device cases, bookbinding, etc.

2. Durability

Pu Leather:

In comparison to durability, Pu leather does not last as long as the faux leather can. This is also a bi-cast leather and stays for a longer time. It is durable in sunlight. However, with time it wears and gets damaged. The leather lasts long but not more than faux leather as it has a laminated surface.

Faux Leather:

Faux leather is a durable substance. It resists stain and does not get faded by UV(Ultraviolet) rays. You can scratch or strap this leather, it will not get mar or damaged, unlike other leathers. Because of the laminated surface top, it stays intact for a long period.

3. Appearances and Texture

leather Appearances and Texture

Pu Leather:

It has the looks of real leather. Though it does not use much real leather inside the synthetic covering gives it a look of real leather. People who do not want to spend on expensive learners, prefer this one because by looks it can substitute the real leather.

Faux Leather:

Since all the pieces come from the same stock, the appearance is always the same. It carries the identical guise for a longer period than the other ones. Sometimes real leather is also used in it. There is a plastic coating in the furniture made of faux leather. So, the appearance copies the realistic looks.

4. Sustainability

Pu Leather:

It is purely vegan. Not only that but also it is more adequate than animal leather. For manufacturing this leather no animals need or get injured. So, it is an eco-friendly element for society. Pu leather is man-made and not harmful to the environment.

Faux Leather:

Faux leather is not that sustainable. The reason is that it uses plastic and petroleum inside it. These toxic components are precarious to the environment. The ingredients used in it can easily distress the earth. Not only that but also it accelerates the rate of climate change and global warming. So, it is not that sustainable when compared to the Pu leather. However, it is not more destructive than cow leather.

5. Care and Cleaning

leather Care and Cleaning

Pu Leather:

For cleaning the Pu leather you better non-abrasive fabric. Microfiber cloths are the best for caring for this leather. You may use cold to warm water with some gentle liquid soap and apply by wiping. If you gently take care of the leather regularly it stays intact.

Faux Leather:

It is recommended to clean faux leather with a nonabrasive hankie. This material will not damage your furniture. If the stain needs washing then you can use gentle detergent with some lukewarm water. Then just apply it. You can also air-dry the leather but if you use the iron then put its lower setting.

6. Smell

Pu Leather:

It generally has a chemical or plastic smell that is not present in real leather. If you want to get over the bad smell then mix vinegar and water in the same ratio. Apply it gently and wipe it with micro fabric. It will help you disappear from the odor.

Faux leather:

The smell of faux leather is also bad and harmful to inhale as it has toxic chemicals. It has a fishy smell often. For vanishing these smells you can again use vinegar and water in the same ratio and sprinkle them on your furniture. After wiping you will get your leather odor-free.

There are certain other paths that you can choose to get rid of the odor. You can leave the furniture outdoors to get rid of the odor by itself. It is the breeze that will blow the odor away.You can even use the coffee ground pouch to get rid of the odor.

Pu Leather Vs Faux Leather: Which One Is Safer and Better?

Both the leathers are less in comparison to the real leather. However, compared to Faux leather, Pu leather is better. There are reasons behind it. We, people, are social animals who live in the lap of nature. If we use the elements that harm nature then the consequences that we get will be destructive. Faux leather uses thermoplastic polymers and toxic chemicals. These are harmful to nature. However, Pu leathers do not use something harmful to nature.

Moreover, there are durability issues. If the upholstery and the other furniture of the house concern you then you should go for Pu leather. For household things, Pu leather is the best. Sometimes the chairs and other furniture made of leather are comfortable too. There are Chairs For Lower Back Pain that help you stay calm and pain-free.

It is durable and user-friendly too. Furthermore, there are different types of ways to reduce the smell of faux leather as it stays for a longer period. But for the Pu leather, you may only use vinegar water and it works the best. So, according to these reasons you will find Pu leather more effective and safe.

Final Thought

Pu leather vs faux leather the controversy always stays there. However, as long as you know the differences between them, you are safe to choose from either of the two. There different usage of leathers. None is better than the real leather.

However, You have all the characteristics and differences of the leather discussed, above. Through the article, we tried to present the pros and cons of both types of leathers to help you choose the better one. You have already found out which one to use. So, just go and make the best buy.

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