Lower Back Pain From Sitting Too Much – 2020 Beginner’s Guide

Those who have to sit most of the day are in the highest risk of lower back pain. Yes, if you are therapist, a doctor, a freelancer or something like that and spend most of your time sitting on the chair, chances are you have lower back pain or are going to experience the back pain sooner or later.

There are many disadvantages for sitting too much including lower back pain, sciatica, aching back, constipation, puffy legs, brain fog, fluid retention and so forth. But you may get benefitted by developing some specific workout and avoiding continuous sitting for too much. If you can break after a certain period of time maybe after half an hour, then you can lower the risk of your lower back pain.

lower back pain from sitting too much

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

The main cause of lower back pain is considered sitting too much each day. When you spend most of the time sitting, you are likely at the risk of your lower back pain. Sometimes, it can be turned into a chronic lower back pain, meaning the back pain may last longer than three month and continues. Therefore, you need to consider visiting with your physician. However, there are many reasons for lower back pain including lumbar herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, facet joint dysfunction, spinal stenosis and so forth.

My Opinion : Lower Back Pain From Sitting Too Much

One of the most possible causes of lower back pain is sitting too much each day. And, don’t try to break after at least half an hour. If you continue sitting too much for days or months, chances are more you will have lower back pain. But there are several solutions out there as well to combat against the back pain so that you can lead a better life.

Don’t worry because in this article, I am going to tell you why you may have lower back pain and also how to prevent you from the disease or get rid of the health problem.

Let’s discuss the cause of lower back pain and we will try to find out the solution of them so that you may benefit from our effort.


Sciatica is one of the causes that is responsible for your back pain. It is connected to our spine into the back of our legs. If you have a bone spur on your spine, you may have lower back pain. It can be happened from a simple pain feeling similar to the shock of electricity. If you already have the issue in the back, then it would be worse for sitting too much each day even if you have the problem in one side of your back.

Muscle strain

Lumbar strain is also called a muscle strain. If you have the bad habit of overstretching or twisting, you may have experience the issue in the back. Having the pain in your back may lead you to down to your buttock. And, hopefully it may not extend to your legs. This strain may make your back move hard and stiff.

To get rid of the health issue in your back, you have to improve your posture of sitting too much because you can recover from the health problem after a single month. Therefore, you should not sit for too much at the same time as well.

Spinal stenosis

To run the spinal cord properly, there have bones in the spine in which has a hole that form a tube from your spinal cord operates. In order to connect your body to your brain, the nerve works throughout the body. If you cannot widen the tube according to its requirements, your spinal cord becomes squeezed, therefore, you feel pain the back as well as weakness which is considered the spinal stenosis.

From any injury, arthritis, a tumor or from an infection, there may develop the spinal stenosis. And if you continue sitting too much on the chair, the problem may get acute after a period of time.


This is another important things to consider as a cause of your back pain. Sometimes, it is seen that we do not sit in a good posture. Because you need to sit properly especially if you have to sit for a long time. Not only for sitting, it can be considered for your standing position as well. These bad postures can contribute a lot to your lower back pain. Maybe, your lower back pain is not caused by bad posture. But it can make the condition worse.

Let’s talk about how can you get rid of you lower back pain. There are several ways to recover the problem. You can take medicine by visiting a doctor or you can try some home remedies or even you can try improve your sitting position and lessen sit on the chair for too much.

Try Some Physical Exercise For Your Lower Back Pain

There are different physical exercise targeting each part of your body. Among them, you have to go for some idea workout for your lower back pain. Every morning after getting up from your bed, you can do some proven workouts.

You can lie down on the floor and rise and down your legs for several times. You have to do the same workout for at least 10 to 20 minutes each day. Also, you can do sit ups for 5 minutes each day. If you can do these workouts consistently, you will experience the result after days.

Home remedies

You can apply ice to your aching area of the back for 20 minutes each day. It will help relieve the pain. Not only that you can also use a heating pad. It soothes your aching back and help prevent from inflammation. You can try pain relievers such as nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs. You can roll-up a towel or place a pillow to support your spinal cord at the time of sitting for long.

Other than that you can get a massage which enables your muscles loose and relax your tight muscles. Yoga is another known home remedy for fighting against the lower back pain. If you can try these remedies, you can get rid of the back pain.

Best sitting position for lower back pain

You need to change your position while sitting for too much. Change your position after 30 minutes or stand up and have a walk and then start over and over again. Sitting straight on your chair is also beneficial to get rid of back pain. You have to keep your shoulders level and prevent your pelvis rotate forward.

Frequently Asked Question

You may still have some questions in your mind, right? That’s why; we are going to answer some frequently asked questions. Maybe, you have the same question in your mind and you will get the answers as well from below.

Is standing or sitting better for lower back pain?

Both are better and at the same time worse for lower back pain. If you stand or sit for too much, it is bad for your lower back pain.

Can your back hurt from sitting all day?

Of course, if you sit for all day long and do not change your position for several times, chances are you will hurt your back.

Is walking good for lower back pain?

Surely, walking is good for lower back pain. While working, your back and the lower muscles get relaxed.

Final Thought

From sitting too much, you can experience lower back pain though there are other related issues connected. Improving your sitting position and trying some physical workouts along with some home remedies can help you get rid of your lower back pain. So, change your sitting position after thirty minutes and start working again to get better results.

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