Is Electric Chair Painful? Answer May Surprise You!

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The electric chair is for the prisoners who are sentenced to death. “Is electric chair painful?” is a tough question to provide an opinion. In the early days, the death penalty of the electric chair was considered the same as hanging. But in reality, it is a brutal way to punish a criminal. During the 90s, people used to take the lives of lame horses and cattle through electrocution.

It was true that at that time, for rape or murder cases, people reacted with emotions. So, they feel like giving the death penalty through electrocution to the guilty ones. If we talk ethically, then it is true that electric chairs are tough to carry before death. It can’t be expressed until you get it. But we are not influencing you to go against the law.

Is Electric Chair Painful?

The death penalty through an Electric chair was seen more in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was given to the criminal whose guilt was worse enough. Like the murderer or the rapist cases, the death penalty through an Electric chair was given.

Is Electric Chair Painful

Now in the present situation, it has been removed from the law of most of the countries. Many states that it was like torturing an alive person instead of giving an instant death. It is due to the emotions that were roaming in the past within the people.

There are some shocking results after the electrocution which you have ever known. Our body is a conductor. It takes electrons and releases protons to the universal neutral ground, i.e., the Earth. But what happens if it takes a large number of electrons inside the body?

If you think carefully, a primary conducting material has its internal resistance. It is for the control of current to its body. But if an excessive amount of current flows through the wire, then the capacitor inside the conducting material gets damaged.

A similar case happens if someone gets electrocuted from an Electric chair. Do you know what a human conductor is? The only thing is the pain that only humans and animals can feel.

Some cases showed that due to electrocution, the body of the victim burst apart. It gets difficult for the judges and executioner to see the pieces of scattered bodies in front of them.

Moreover, there were some cases where the prisoner did not die in the first shock from an Electric chair. It is harrowing to get multiple shocks before death. Getting a voltage of 500 to 2000 volts can make the human tissue get detached.

Is Electric Chair Painful

It doesn’t take much time to kill you with a current of 7 milliamperes. But in the electric chair death penalty, the executioner gives low volt according to the instruction. It makes the victim suffer considerable pain throughout the body.

According to many witnesses, it was told that after the shock in the electric chair, the Eyeballs of the victim came to the chick. So, it was none other than torturing the victim. In the Electric chair execution, all the other prisoners shouted out loud out of respect during the past.

What Happens to Your Body in the Electric Chair?

As we have cleared the results of your question “Is electric chair painful?“, now you should know the continuous body functions during the shock. When electrons flow through the human body, it slowly damages the tissues.

What Happens to Your Body in the Electric Chair

Our body is a conductor, but the organs work as a resistance. But excess passing of current can hamper the cells of our body. You all know that electrons flow quicker in wet or liquid states than dry cells.

So, during execution, a soaked sponge is tightened in the shaved head of the victim. It allows the current flow to quickly reaches the heart to stop the blood circulation process. All this happens due to the moving electrons in the nervous system.

It takes a few seconds to fibrillate your heart after the shock. Your heart will stop functioning after getting ten milliamperes of current. As the heart stops working, the stop in blood flow makes the other organ inactive.

All the nerves from the body connect the brain. The body can be dead after the shock, but the brain for a few seconds remains active. But it doesn’t count because all stops if your heart does not function.

The prisoners have to put the diapers for the Electric chair execution. Your pants will be full of shits after getting shocked. So, for courtesy, diapers are given. After the first stage of electrocution, the tissues of the body get soft.

The execution was done in two stages. After the first stage, if the prisoner doesn’t die, then a 15 minutes break is given. So, the doctor said that the whole body looks miserable. In some cases, the Eyeballs get detached and hang in the chicks.

What Happens to Your Body in the Electric Chair

The cycle of shock runs three times. So, the temperature of the body gets higher to 100 degrees in celsius at the end. The warmth in the body damages the whole internal organ of the body. So, this will happen in your body if you sit in an Electric chair for electrocution.


So, the question “Is Electric Chair Painful?” shouldn’t be anyone’s concern because you must know the reason before that. We have been told that in this modern era, the death penalty has been demolished. Hanging is not the same thing as electrocution. Instead of this, the punishment of life in prison is a better way.

It is hard to think about those prisoners who had been tortured in this electric chair. It is not possible for us to express the feelings of sitting in an electric chair. But it is better now because you have read the reasons and the pains from our article. You should also read the articles related to injecting the prisoner for death and find out the reasons behind it.

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