How To Take Apart A Recliner Chair – 8 Expert Advice Guide

Recliner chair has been a part and parcel of our daily relaxation. Perfect size recliner chairs give comfortability as well as relief from the pain and stress. The people of the elderly and mothers of the newborn children love this type of chair. The kids easily sleep on the recliner for its comfortability. To move that recliner chair from one place to another, you must know how to take apart a recliner chair. We will give you a thorough view about the process of taking apart recliner chairs in the article. 

Are Recliners Good For You?

The recliners are also known as armchairs or super chairs. People would use the recliner even before the era of Napoleon. There are many health benefits of the recliners but some people think it is the marketing hype. Let’s see some health benefits of the recliners to take decession whether they are good for you or not. 

how to take apart a recliner chair

Relieve Stress

For the revolution of technology and machines, people are doing less physical work at their office. People have to work with a lot of stress in the workplace. Work all day sitting on the chair can cause both physical and mental pressure. Prolonged periods of sitting at the 90-degree can lead to back pain and muscle strain. Recliners work as the pain and stress reliever. The recliners allow you to lean back in our chairs with its additional support. There are some recliner chairs that have massage and heating features. 

Improves Blood Circulation

Long period sitting and standing in the same place can hinder continuous blood circulation. The gravity of the environment affects the blood flow and settles in the lower part of the body, swelling, and clogging veins. Using recliners regularly help to improve the blood circulation and relieve pain from the lower part of the body.

How To Take Apart A Recliner Chair

We sometimes need to change the position of the recliner chair because we change the renting house often. Moving a recliner chair without taking apart is a hard task and requires more people. Luckily, you can take apart most of the recliner chairs. As the recliner chair has a simple design, you can easily take apart the recliner chair. To facilitate your task, we have described the full process of taking apart the recliner chair. 

Step 01

Some recliner uses a series of motors to recline into a comfortable position. If your recliner is a power recliner, you need to disconnect the power source first. Although the process of taking apart simple, you need to take disassemble the recliner in the safest way. YOu should tip the backrest and pull out the footrest before disassembling the recliner chairs. You also should pull down on the metal levers to release the backrest. 

Step 02

Keep in mind that you need to assemble the recliner char again and so you need to remember the position of every part in detail. Some people use a trick of taking pictures that are very easy to remember. After taking photos from all angles, find the locking mechanism of the recliner chair. There are some locks in the chair that are situated under the chair. 

If your recliner is covered with fabric, you will see a neatly outlined flap with a loop fastener and a hook in the backside of the chair. Regardless of the types of fabric, pull the edge of the flap to open it. After opening the flap, you will see the mechanical parts and the chair’s frame. 

Step 03

Even if you use a recliner chair that is made of leather has  hook and loop backside flaps except for some models. You should check the backrest seams to find the flaps and open the flips. You should use the release lever to separate the backrest. You may need to use some tools such as a screwdriver to detach the backrest and footrest. 

Step 04

 Now you should either place the recliner on its backrest or tip it. At the time of lowering the chair, be careful because this process of placing a recliner can damage the recliner itself and the floor. You should keep your fingers in the release lock to avoid any kind of danger of the figures.

Step 05

The bearings, screws, springs, and other mechanisms hold all elements of the recliner chairs. Examine all these elements and exposed mechanisms to take apart the chair. You should use bags of different sizes to organise the disassembled parts so that you can find them easily at the time of assembling again. 

Step 06

Now remove the seat by loosening the respective levels situated in the reast part of the chair. After releasing the seat, you need to remove the armrests from the chair. Remove the armrests of the chair through the locking levers. 

Step 07

Now flip the chair again for a clear view of the footrest and remove all screws. You may need to use a wrench for loosening some bearings. 

Step 08

Now you should loosen the pieces that hold the armrests. Take off both armrest after removing the mounting brackets and be careful about the screws and bolts. One last thing you should do to fully taking apart the recliner chair. Take off remaining rails and frame. 

I have discussed a thorough buying guide of taking apart the recliner chair. The curiosities of the knowing how to take apart a recliner chair will fulfill after following these steps.

How Do I Choose A Good Recliner?

The popularity of recliners is increasing day by day because of its pain and stress removal features. Good recliners not only improve the joints and blood circulation but also relieve mental and physical stress. You will not get the expected benefits if you fail to choose the right recliner. Focusing on the following features will help you a lot to choose the right recliner for you. 

The size

Don’t purchase a good recliner based on aesthetic design. The size of the recliner is one of the most important factors at the time of choosing this type of chair. You should focus on the sitting space as well as the overall size of the chair. First of all, measure the size of the room where you want to set them and then buy the chairs. 


Though the initial investment of the recliner chairs is somehow expensive, they will provide more comfortability and last a long time. 

You also should consider the longevity, styles, and colors at the time of choosing a recliner. The tall man should consider the height of the recliner. Click the following link to choose the best recliner for the tall man.

Note: best recliner for tall man

Frequently Asked Question

Is sleeping in a recliner bad for you?

Sleeping on the recliner will improve the tissues and relieves pain. So, it is not bad for you rather there have many benefits of the using recliner.

Is sitting in a recliner bad for your legs?

At the time of sitting on the recliner with the right angle, your knee bend and the tension in the sciatic nerve become low. Sometimes it causes little pain but it is not a great problem.

Can sleeping in a recliner cause blood clots?

In some cases, sleeping in recliner can cause deep-vein thrombosis. It happens in case of bending the arm and legs.

Final Thought

The recliner chair is one of the most popular chair to the elderly for relieving pain and stress. As there are many health benefits of the recliner, you need to choose the right recliner. You should consider the materials, the comfortability, and the sizes of the recliner before buying them. If you want to move this chair without damaging it, you should know how to take apart a recliner chair before moving to another room. 

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