How To Store Furniture In A Storage Unit 2022?

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Are you thinking about storing furniture? Are you concerned about the safety of furniture in a storage unit? Searching for some easy ways and procedures to store furniture safely? Don’t worry when we are here to assist you with this.

For that, we have come up with all the solutions and procedures about- how to store furniture in a storage unit – just for you. We are also going to present all the detailed procedures & professional tips to save your furniture from being ruined in the storage. So, why are we waiting? Let’s start.

Does Furniture Get Ruined In Storage?

Sometimes we need to store our furniture in storage because it is safe. That means it is safe to keep furniture in storage. But if we see, technically then furniture can be ruined in storage because of some circumstances, like no climate control, unwrapped furniture, etc.

How To Store Furniture In A Storage Unit

How do Furniture Get Ruined?

Usually, furniture does not get ruined in storage if done correctly. But it can be the opposite sometimes! Your furniture can be ruined in storage. But how? Let’s know about it.

  • No Climate Control Feature: If you store furniture for more than a few weeks in storage without climate control, then it can be ruined by climate change.
  • Unwrapped Furniture: If you store furniture without wrapping, then it can decrease their longevity.
  • Exposing to extreme temperature: If your furniture gets exposed to extreme temperatures that these can be ruined. Wood furniture may dry out, musical instruments can deteriorate, fabrics may fade, and electronics may fail in extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • Improper Placing: Furniture also can be ruined because of improper placing. If you cannot place the furniture properly, then it can ruin your furniture.

How to Save Furniture from Getting Ruined

Previously we came to know that furniture can get ruined in the storage. Do you need solutions to solve this? Then we are here to help with the tips to save your furniture. So, what are those?

  • Climate Control Feature: You need to ensure having climate control features to store furniture for the long term.
  • Wrapping Furniture: You need to wrap all the furniture to keep it safe. Wrapping will help it to be protected from heat or humidity.
  • Proper Placement: You need to place furniture properly when storing it. Without proper placement, furniture may fall and break.

Mainly, furniture needs to be stored with safety. You should maintain proper procedures to keep it safe in storage.

How to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit?

Now, you know that furniture can be ruined if you do not store them properly. Do you want to store your furniture properly in storage? If yes, then you need to know the perfect procedure. You will also need some tools to work with. What are the tools then? Here, we provided a list of tools that you will need.

Things You Will Need

  • Furniture pads: These pads help to protect the corners of furniture from breaking down or getting ruined.
  • Plastic sheeting or shrink-wrap: You need these wraps to wrap around all the furniture.
  • Blankets: You will need blankets to protect that furniture made of glass.
  • Packaging tape: After being done with the packaging, you will need this tape to seal those packages.
  • Cartons: To keep small things or glass made furniture, you need cartons. It also helps to carry the furniture easily.
  • Plastic bags: These bags will help to keep small things that are used to build or separate the furniture. Like, screw, screwdriver, etc.

Proceed Depend on Furniture Type

After having the tools needed, then you can begin the work. There are different procedures for different types of furniture. So, first, you need to differentiate the types and also procedures to start working.

Wooden Furniture

Firstly, you need to disassemble the wooden furniture. It will reduce the possibility of damage.  Next, remove the legs, headboards, and footboards of the table. Do not forget to store the screws in labeled plastic bags.

It will make the reassembly quick and easy. Then, you need to lean and wax wood furniture to get extra moisture in a storage unit that does not have a climate-control feature. Store the belongings of the wooden dresser or drawers on a cloth cover to reduce dust.

Next, remove the drawers and store them separately if space. Strat wrapping wood furniture and furnishings using plastic wrap or shrink wrap. Secure the plastic wrap using masking tape and make sure that the tape doesn’t adhere to the furniture. You may apply double layers of plastic wrapping on furniture if the unit does not have a climate-control feature.

Plastic sheeting or shrink-wrap protects your wooden furniture from wood-burrowing insects and rodents. Lastly, place wooden furniture away from the door. It will help to be protected from the rain.

Fabric Furniture

Start by cleaning fabric sofas, chairs, and mattresses before storing. It will help to reduce the possibility of growing mold or mildew. Next, you may wipe the surface with an antibacterial cleaner that is made for cleaning fabrics.

You must allow plenty of time for the cleaners to dry before storing. Then, start placing padded covers or blankets over furniture. These will protect the furniture during the move. These will also guard it against scratches or damage in a storage bin.


You should use the original packaging to store electronics and televisions. Start wrapping the cords with bubble wrap then store them along with the devices in the original packaging.

You should fill empty spaces of every box with bubble wrap or foam or blankets to keep it protected. These also provide a barrier between the device and other items. You must keep electronics off the floor of the storage unit. Keeping these off the floor will help to guard it against moisture.

Metal Furniture

Start with polishing metal furniture made of brass, silver, or nickel. It will prevent oxidation in a storage unit without climate control features. You need to wrap the items with plastic sheeting or shrink wrap. This will protect them from dust, heat, and extreme cold. You should store the silverware in their original packaging.

You need to protect furniture, metal accessories, and electronics by moisture-proofing the storage unit. You should cover the floor of the storage unit with plastic sheeting. This will protect the furniture from humidity. You may cover furniture with additional blankets or pads and furniture with pads. This will protect it against moisture damage, mold, mildew, and water stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included some frequent questions that you may face while storing your furniture in a store unit. So, you shouldn’t overlook any possible step that can damage your furniture.

Is it safe to store furniture in a storage unit?

It is safe to store furniture in a storage unit. But you need to store it properly. If you do not store furniture properly, then it may become unsafe.

Is it OK to store wood furniture in the garage?

It is not okay to store wood furniture in a garage. Because the garage does not offer the proper environment to keep wood furniture safe. But if you have no other choice, then you must cover the floor with plastic sheets.

Can you store furniture in non-climate control?

Yes! You can store furniture in non-climate control.

Final Thought

We are always here to assist you with the solutions to your problems. Today we have come up with the question- How to store furniture in a storage unit?

Here we have provided you with the possible right details, information, procedures, and suggestions that are needed to answer this question. .We are always here to help you out. We hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for sticking with us.

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