How To Protect Wood Table From Scratches In 2020

Wooden furniture have been an indispensable part of your life. The popularity of these wooden furniture is on the rise. People all across the world love wooden furniture for their daily uses. From dining tables to bed, you will see the furniture made of wood.

Wooden furniture are one of the aesthetic ways to increase beauty of your home. But these furniture are mostly vulnerable to scratches and strains. Therefore, you need to know how to protect wood table from scratches and other strains due to many reasons.

How to protect wood table from scratches?

As you have got most of your home decoration made of wood, now it is your turn to protect the wood table from scratches, right? Protecting your wood table does not require to break your bank. With proper maintenance and care, you can keep your wooden table as shiny as it was when you bought it.

How to protect wood table from scratches

Protect it from scratches

When you slide your utensils over the wooden table, chances are there will develop scratches on the table. But it is impossible to serve your dinner, lunch or any meal to your family member without sliding vases, dishes or glasses. Sometimes, it requires to pass a bowl to other side of the table.

So, in order to prevent your favorite wooden table from scratches, you have to take proper steps. In this case, all you can do is bring a tablecloth and place it over the table so that it does not have scratches from the sliding of these utensils.

Protect it from humidity

Yes, humidity can also case harm for your wooden table. If the percentage of the humidity is lower, the environment will remain something like wet. In this situation, your wood table may also keep wet and vulnerable to a slight drawing of utensils over it will cause scratches.

More, the situation allows other microorganisms in the low humidity environment. To clean the table, you must grab a cleaner to remove the mold from it. When you mop with the mold remover, it will leave scratches on the table.

Tablecloth should be utilized

A tablecloth should come in handy to protect your wood table from potential scratches. You can go for linen or cotton tablecloth to cover the top part of the wooden table so that no scratches will develop. But you have also to make sure that hot pans and dishes can cause harm to the tablecloth. Therefore, you should use coasters so that the tablecloth remain safe. As a result, your wooden table will keep safe.

A glass tabletop

A glass tabletop is the most convenient way to prevent it from potential scratching. Not only that a glass tabletop will dramatically increase the beauty of the table as well. It will change the look of your dining room instantly. But make sure you have spend a lot than other preventive ways out there to prevent your wood table from scratching.

Also, you have to keep an eye while buying a glass tabletop. It should be sturdy enough to endure your utensils on it including vases, water glasses, pans and other dishes. It must be the best way to prevent your wood table from scratches.

Also consider table pads

You should not worry about the hot pans and dishes on your wood table if you use custom-made table pads on it. It needs less investment but provides better solution to protect your wood table from scratching. Also, it increases the attraction of your table.

All you need to do is place these custom-made pads over the table and place all the utensils like water glasses, vases, water jug, hot pans, dishes and so many things on them and keep worry-free.

How to remove scratches from wood table?

Wooden furniture tend to develop scratches from a slight sliding of materials over them. Scratches that develop on wood tables are of two types including surface scratches and deep scratches. In this article, I am here to share the experience to remove both types of scratches from a wood table.

Removing Surface scratches

Surface scratches do not require too much time and effort. You can remove these scratches comfortably with less effort using a sand paper and some other things including steel wool and a maker like stain pen to cover the area of the scratches.

Now all you have to do after covering the area of the scratches is gently rub with the steel wool. When you are completely done with tracing and removing the scratches from your wood table, it is time to give the final touch. You have to use paste wax or oil to make it as it was before.

Removing the deep scratches from the table

Now it is time to share the experience with you how to remove deep scratches from the wood table. In this section, you will need 320-grit and 400-grit sandpaper for better smooth. Also, you require cloth and mineral spirits for the process to remove the strains from the table.

First of all, you have to determine whether the scratch is deep and coated with poly. If so, you have to carefully do the removing process here. However, after determining the area where you need to remove the scratches, you have to use 320-grit sandpaper in order to make the spot smooth. Now wipe out the area with mineral spirits and cloth.

Then you need to use 400-grit sandpaper to make the area smoother. When you see it is almost finished, you should coat the surface with polyurethane so that it looks natural. You can also apply a second coating to the surface for more finishing of the scratches.

Frequently asked questions

Maybe, you have some related queries in your mind which you want to learn as well. That’s why; through this article, I am trying to make everything clearer regarding the topic of the article. Here are some frequently asked questions with their best answers.

Can you use vinegar on wood table?

For the final finish of removing scratches from a wood table, you should not use vinegar directly to it. In this case, your finishing work may mess up because vinegar may eat your final finishes of the table.

Does vinegar remove deep scratches from wood?

It is not wise to use vinegar directly to remove deep scratches from wood tables. Instead, you can mix the vinegar with oil to make a better solution to remove the deep scratches from wood.

Does vinegar and olive oil fix scratches on wood furniture?

You need a mixture of vinegar and olive oil in order to remove the scratches from the wood table. Otherwise, it will be harmful for the table to eat some final finish with the vinegar.

Final thought

Wooden tables tend to develop scratches from slight sliding of vases, dishes and pans on them. Therefore, it requires more precautions to prevent them from scratches. Wooden furniture with scratches look odd and ruin your dining room’s beauty. A fresh and scratch-free dining table will add much beauty and attraction to your dining room.

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