How to Make a Seat Cushion Cover?

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A cushion looks like a small pillow that is made with some soft materials. Wool, hair, feathers, polyesters are the main components to make the cushion. It is used in the chair or sofas for a comfortable seating position. To cover angularity and the hardness of the cushion surface a cushion cover is crucial.

You cannot use a cushion cover for a long time because either it is worn out or discolored after a period of time. What you can do is buy a new one or sew a new cover by yourself.  If You want to do it by yourself you may worry about How to Make a Seat Cushion Cover? Don’t worry, just bear with me for a couple of minutes to learn the steps.

Is it Easy to Make Cushion Covers?

you should know that making a cushion cover is not complicated work. You may find it tough as a beginner but you can make it easy with some simple steps. To understand the whole process look at the equipment mentioned below that you need to make the cushion cover.

Is it Easy to Make Cushion Covers?

What You’ll Need to Make a Seat Cushion Cover?

Most of the components you may find in your home. Otherwise, these components are always available in the retail shop where you can buy the components listed below.

  • A thick foam
  • Fabric
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Measurement tape

How to Make a Seat Cushion Cover?

I have talked about the equipment above. Now it’s time to show you the process how to make a seat cushion cover?  If you follow my strategy to make the cushion cover surely you will deliver a tailored result.  Let’s begin with the first step with prewashing the fabric.

How to Make a Seat Cushion Cover?

Step 1: Prewash Fabric

Before you start you have to wash the fabric. As you may buy it from the shop that may be dirty or unhealthy. It is very important to pre-wash the fabric especially to prevent Covid-19 and another disease.

Step 2: Cut Foam

Here you should use the measuring tape to measure the seat to cut the foam according to the seat size. I prefer the electric carving knife but if you don’t have that use a serrated knife.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Measure the foam and calculate the dimension of the foam to cut the exact piece of fabric. To get the exact length to add 11/2 inches to the length of the cushion and for all four sides to allow the fullness of the cushion.

Cut Fabric

To get the width of the cushion measure from the surface of the cushion and multiply it for the other surface. Draw a rectangle onto the fabric using the marker pen. Draw one rectangle for each cushion and cut the pieces using scissors.

Step 4: Fold the Fabric Pieces

Fold the rectangular piece in half along width the longest side with the right side together. In this process, you match the two short ends of fabrics and align the two side edges. Pin three sides together through both layers of fabric. The fourth side of the cushion cover is formed by the fold.

Step 5: Prepare the Sewing Machine

Put thread to the sewing machine and set for a straight stitch. Sew a few rows to test if everything is ok. Then adjust the stitch tension and length if needed.

Prepare the Sewing Machine

Step 6: Start Sewing

Start sewing from the three pinned sides of the cushion by leaving a ½ inch seam allowance. Start sewing very close to the folded side and backstitch for a one-half inch before continue to the side seam.

When you have one-half inch from the second side stop sewing.  lift the pressure foot and pivot the fabric 90 degrees.  Next, lower the pressure foot to continue. Repeat the process when getting one-half inch from the third side edge.

Step 7: Stop Sewing

Stop sewing when you are three to five inches from the folded edge. Before that sew the seams around three sides of the cushion cover. Remove the cover from the machine and trim the loose threads.

Step 8: Trim the Corners

Now trim all of the corners diagonally by cutting close but not into the stitches of the corners of the side seam. make sure the seams will lie flat at the corners when you turn the cushion cover for the right side

Trim the Corners

Step 9: Insert the Foam

Turn the cover right side within the gap left at the side seam. Insert the foam piece that you have cut for the cushion.

Step 10: Fold the Raw Fabric Edge

There are two raw edges left at the side seam, just fold them inside the cushion cover. Pin them together and use a hand needle to stitch the gap.

Benefits of Using a Cushion

If you are suffering from back pain then a cushion is crucial for you. Because a cushion can change the seating position to make a comfortable seat and balance the physics. That’s why doctors prescribed seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain, as it focuses to relieve pressure on the coccyx and make a correct posture.

Benefits of Using a Cushion

Moreover, the back cushion creates pressure and relieves pain in the lower lumbar region. Which helps to relaxation of the muscles and support your spine. 


If you have read the article surely you have learned the process of how to make a seat cushion cover? if you make the cushion cover using the above-mentioned steps you can easily take out the cover for washing. As washing is important to keep the cover clean.

As you learn the process, you can use this technique repeatedly. Because a cover won’t stay for forever and you have to make it again. Therefore, start making your cushion cover without worrying.  


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