How to Make a Hanging Clothes Drying Rack?

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A study shows that Americans spend over 12% of their entire household electricity on drying their clothes. However, you can cut down on this cost and create a free alternative for a lifetime using a cloth drying rack. Along with saving bills, the drying rack will also occupy very little space in your laundry room.

You can easily find drying racks in stores, but it’ll be more affordable and strong if you make it yourself. Therefore, it will be a great idea to know how to make a hanging clothes drying rack. First, build a dry rack staircase and wall mounting frame, then attach the trim to the frame. After that, install the hardware and mount the drying rack on the wall. Hard to understand? No worries, we will explain it in detail below; continue reading.

What Is a Hanging Clothes Drying Rack?

A hanging drying rack is a rack used for drying clothes after washing, which is also known as a cloth rack. It is beneficial to the evaporation of wet laundries; moreover, this tool is also cost-effective too. Using a hanging drying rack helps to reduce the damage caused by the heat of traditional drying dryers.

What Is a Hanging Clothes Drying Rack?

According to Wikipedia, a hanging clothes drying rack is generally made of wood, plastic, and metal. It is an energy-saving and eco-friendly solution for drying your clothes or garments because it does not require electricity to operate. You can also dry all delicate fabric, and heavy hand washes garments items by not losing their shape. The hanging rack will help to secure and flat your clothing item as the tumbler rotates.

What Materials You’ll Need?

You will need to arrange the appropriate materials to create your own hanging cloth drying rack. Here are the necessary materials items that will help you make a dry rack for clothes.

  • 2 x sidebars
  • 9 x dowel
  • 2 x rope
  • 1 x wall cleat
  • 3 x pulleys
  • 14 x large screws
  • 18 x small screws

What Tools You’ll Need?

Along with materials, you will also need to arrange the proper tools too. Here are the items of the tools that you will need to create or build hanging clothes drying racks.

  • Level
  • Drill bit 2mm
  • Screwdriver
  • Framing nails
  • A hammer
  • 14 x small screws (30mm/1.2in x 2.5mm/0.1in)
  • 18 large screws (50mm/1.9in x 3mm/0.12in)

How to Make a Hanging Clothes Drying Rack?

It’s time to show you the steps to make hanging clothes drying rack through proper procedure. Follow the steps to create a low-budget and durably cloth hanging rack.

How to Make a Hanging Clothes Drying Rack?

Step 1:

When air is heated, it expands, becomes less dense than the cool air around it, and rises. So it clears that the drier and warmer air will always be in your home’s ceiling side. Well, you have to assemble the laundry hanging rack properly because it will use warm air to dry your garments. You have to screw all the 18 small screws and 9 pieces of dowel tightly on the sidebars. Screws are much better than framing nails while building a drying rack.

Step 2:

After perfectly attaching the dowels into sidebars, you have to select a suitable location to set the drying rack. You have to select a place that will give you enough space to easily raise and lower the rack. Selecting an appropriate space for the hanging of a drying rack is the essential part.

Step 3:

In the third step, you have to make a proper position placing the first pulley in the ceiling. Proper pulley set up essential to ensure heavier items with lighter items’ stability. You have to ensure that the pulley will perfectly secure on your house’s beam. Now, fasten the screws until the pulley is securely fixed to the ceiling. Make sure you use 14 long screws for pulleys and cleats.

Step 4:

On step found, you have to make proper spacing and fix the pulleys properly. Install the first pulley 1085mm back from the second pulley. Moreover, you have to ensure that both of the pulleys are aligned perfectly.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to secure the final or third pulley. You have to install the third pulley further back from the second pulley. You have to place the third one on the corner of your house’s wall and ceiling. Like the first and second pulley setup, you have to align the third pulley too perfectly.

Step 6:

After perfectly aligned all the pulleys, now you have to install the rope cleat. Fix the prepared rope cleat vertically below the third pulley on the wall. You have to ensure that the screws will perfectly find a stud. Furthermore, you have to perfectly align all three pulleys and rope cleat to get the best output.


Step 7:

Now enter the threaded rope through the first pulley. Now you have across the second and third pulley and let it hang down the wall. Follow the same process to install the second rope. Now pull both rope’s ends entitle the sheila maid is perfectly raised off the ground. Accurately adjust both of them unlit the rack to reach the air level.

Step 8:

In the final step, you have to tie off the rope at minimum height. Raise the laundry hanging rack to the desired height for use. However, the chest height will be a good one, or you can adjust the height as your wish. Now tie a knot in the two ropes behind the third pulley. Simply tie off the rope around the cleat. Melt and cut all excess ropes off the ends to get a clean finish on that delicate item.


Now you know how to make a hanging clothes drying rack and how to use it. Making hanging clothes drying rack can also be the perfect way to cut off expenses. Once you make it, this helpful item or tool will save 15% to 20% of energy consumption. It will also save the electricity that you waste on clothing dryers on the dryer.

When you build a wall mounted rack it’ll let your garments dry for free with the help of air and sun. Follow the above instructions and make arrangements for the proper materials and tools to build hanging clothes drying rack. We’re concluding this post here; thanks for staying up till the end.

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