How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest At Home?

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Recliner Chair is must-have furniture in every modern home, which is designed for rest, comfort, and recline. It is an excellent piece of furniture that helps to take a rest after a tiresome day. Sometimes, this versatile appliance can be very frustrating when you find any flaws in its footrest.

Therefore, knowing how to fix a recliner chair footrest can be an excellent way to relieve discomfort on the recliner chair. You can fix the footrest of the recliner chair by adjusting recliner tension, replacing tension springs, and changing the recliner pitch. You can also repair it by adjusting the mechanism, lubrication, and checking loose screws. Furthermore, I will discuss more recliner chair footrest troubleshooting procedures below in detail.

Reason of The Faulty Recliner Footrest

Before moving on to the troubleshooting steps, let me show you the reason for the faulty recliner footrest. There are many factors, which are equally responsible for facing malfunctioning of a recliner footrest. Once you know the root causes behind reliance on footrest faulty, then you can prevent the refiner’s footrest from being sag again.

Reason of The Faulty Recliner Footrest

  • Slamming down the recliner chair footrest too hard can cause footrest damage.
  • The old recliner always has the chance of losing the footrest, which requires manual repair.
  • Footrest of the recliner can be affected because of rust. It can happen because of humidity.
  • When your kids and pets jump and climb over the footrest, it also can be damaged.

What You’ll Need To Fix A Recliner Chair Footrest

If the footrest of your recliner study chair start begins to sag, it can happen for various reasons. You need to follow the right step and use the right equipment or tools to fix the issue. Here are some tools that you will need to fix a recliner chair footrest.

  • Multi-purpose screwdriver
  • Lubricant oil
  • Set of new matching screws or bolts
  • Towel cloth
  • Replacement ratchet (optional)
  • Ratchet
  • Replacement springs
  • Wrench

How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest

If the footrest of your recliner chair suddenly gets sag, then it will surely give you an unsatisfactory sitting position. However, here we will guide you with the complete fixing process of three major issues of recliner footrest.

How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest 

1. Repair Recliner Chair Footrest When it Feels Stiff

The footrest of your recliner chair should work smoothly; if it feels stiff, you need to fix it initially. It can happen because of loose bolts and screws or because of lack of lubrication. However, you can fix this issue by following the given below steps.

Step 1: First, turn your recliner upside down and check whether there are any loose screws, bolts or pins. Then tighten it, or you need to replace it with a new one.

Step 2: After that, you can apply some lubricant on footrest bushings which will offer smooth movement.

Step 3: Before applying lubrication, use a newspaper or towel below the recliner to prevent damages to the floor.

Step 4: Now apply lubricant in every joint and bushing you see. That is because it will help to prevent dust and rust.

Step 5: After applying lubricant, check if the footrest is properly working or not. After that, put all the screws and tighten them. Moreover, don’t forget to clean all excess grease or oil by using a towel cloth.

2. Fix Broken Recliner Chair Footrest

Ratchet can be another reason behind recliner chair footrest issues. If the ratchet stops working, then it will stick to the footrest. However, you can simply fix this issue by adjusting the ratchet. Follow the below steps to find out the proper troubleshooting process of any recliner chair footrest.

Fix Broken Recliner Chair Footrest

Step 1: As you did in the previous fixing method, you need to turn the recliner upside down. Loosen or disassemble a few bolts and screws of bars and arms to reach the ratchet.

Step 2: Once you disassemble all required parts, now you will see the ratchet. Now carefully check if the ratchet is still working or not. You need to fix it based on ratchet severity.

Step 3: If the issue is pretty serious, then simply replace it. Simply unscrew all the pins and bolts to take out the ratchet.

Now install the new ratchet in the proper or required place. After that, tighten all the screws and simply place all the parts that you took out. Be sure to palace back all the parts carefully and correctly.

Once you have perfectly done all the steps, the footrest of your recliner will not stick anymore.

3. Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest by Adjusting Mechanism

Spring adjusting issues can be a common reason behind the footrest issue on the recliner chair. Sometimes springs will get worn out because of excess use or overtime. However, this issue can be solved within a few minutes by using proper tools. We already mentioned what tools you will need. Here we are mentioning them again, and you will need an adjustable wrench and a new recliner spring. Follow below steps to fix recliner footrest springs.

Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest by Adjusting Mechanism

Step 1: First turn your recline chair upside down and locate all the bolts that hold the spring.

Step 2: Now use the wrench to remove all the bolts attached with spring.

Step 3: Disassemble the spring from the recliner chair and place it on the floor.

Step 4: Remove the bolts from the footrest that holds the spring. Use the wrench to remove it.

Step 5: Now place the new spring and tighten it with the wrench.

Step 6: After tightening the bolts properly, check if the spring attached properly to the recliner’s frame.

Step 7: Now simply return or place your recliner on a normal position and check if it is properly working well or not.


Now you know how to fix a recliner chair footrest and prevent this recliner chair’s footrest-related issues. You also learned that a recliner chair footrest can have different types of problems. However, these problems can arise for different kinds of reasons, and now you know the proper troubleshooting process.

Sometimes, even after the right maintenance, some part of the recliner chair footrest can start worn down. As it is not the point, you can fix footrest issues as an expert by following our fixing procedure. Hopefully, with our troubleshooting tips, you can easily fix recliner chair footrest issues and start using it again.

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