How to Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively [Step By Step]

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Folding Chair is a kind of space-saving furniture that is suited for almost every event. They are not only fit in parties, weddings, baby showers, and in any kind of gathering but also enrich the beauty with good decoration. A good decoration of a Folding Chair mostly relies on its cover. Cover elevates the look and conceals the faults of ordinary chairs.

However, to cover the folding chair there are plenty of ways available like using a pillowcase or renting a folding chair cover. Those options may not be preferable for all. So, here we will show you a way on How to Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively. Stay with us till the end to make your folding chair covered  conveniently.

Can You Put Chair Covers on Folding Chairs?

There are few differences between a traditional chair and a folding chair in their shape and appearance. Nowadays most people use the Folding Chair for Long Studies more than the traditional chair.

Chair Covers on Folding Chairs

However, traditional and folding chairs both need cover. The type of cover that is suited for every chair mostly depends on the categories of the chair. Thus the folding chair comes in a different shape and format so that you can’t put normal chair covers on the folding chair. They need a special type of cover that suits them perfectly.

According to the different types of foldable chairs, there are many folding covers available in the market. A few of them are :

  • Folding Chair Bag
  • Folding Chair Stack Cover
  • Rice Bag For Folding Chair
  • Standers Folding Chair Stack Bag

Things You Will Need to Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively

The best way to cover your folding chair is to make your own covers. This is the most inexpensive way because you only need to purchase some convenient item to complete the DIY work. To successfully complete the method of making a folding cover you need the following items.

  • Tape Measure
  • Fabric Material
  • Iron
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Ribbons

How to Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively

So you are ready to cover your party chairs. Before starting the method, remember you should do all the measurements properly. The measurements of chair legs and frame should be noted accurately. To do the measurements correctly use a sheet of paper. Draw all the sections including seat areas, backrest, and arms of the chair.

How to Cover Folding Chairs Inexpensively

Step 1 : Take the measurements from the beginning of the back leg to the bottom of the folding chair. Also, scale the front and seat of the floor. Calculate the two measurements and sum another two inches. These total measurements will be the fabric’s length.

Step 2 : Now add extra two inches to the wide length of the seat. That will give you the final wide selection. Note down the measurements on the paper.

Step 3: Divide the fabric according to the measurements that you have collected. Now you have a piece of fabric which is two inches wider if you compare it with the original shape of the chair.

Step 4: Turn the fabric material under 1 to 2 inches on all sides and press it. Create a hem with the help of a sewing machine following the fabric under another 1 to 2 inches.

Step 5: Ensure you hem them with two ribbons. The size of the bow on the cover relies on how wide or long you want the ribbons to be.

Step 6: Attach the fabric with the chair’s back to create it even with the floor. Wrap this perfectly with the chair front and with the front side of the floor. With a needle sew on every side of the material that it doesn’t come across the seat.

Ways to Store Your Folding Chair Covers

Your folding chair cover is not for one-time use. You can use them in any kind of outdoor event like wedding receptions. With a touch of color and a silk flower when you decorate the chair it will enhance the beauty of your program. Therefore those covers need to be stored in a proper way. Here in this section, we will show you what is the proper way to store them perfectly.

Ways to Store Your Folding Chair Covers

Clean your chair cover

Make sure all your chair covers are clean before you store them. It’s a good idea to clean and wash them after each event. Experts suggest not to store dirt and wet covers. If you do this it will lead them to mold damage or cause other issues to damage your cover. Most of the cloth by which we made chair covers are machine washable yet you should check before purchasing the cloth.

Remove Wrinkles from Covers

You may think it is unnecessary to iron chair covers before storing them, but it is definitely recommended. Ironing your chair cover before storing actually helps to avoid being creased. Another benefit of ironing your chair cover is it will reduce the time for the next event. You need not spend much time making them perfect to decorate your chair.

Where to store them

After making your cover clean and completing the iron process it’s time to store them in a proper place. You can use a storage bin, drawers, shelves, boxes, and more to store them. Also, you can hang them in hangers and keep them in cardboard tubes. In cardboard keep them by rolling instead of folding. Actually, the storage is not fixed, you can store them according to your interest and your flexibility.


Folding chairs became a key part of any type of occasion. In most parties, using resin folding chairs and wood folding chairs is common nowadays. Therefore covering them with a cover is needed to enrich the party’s beauty. Whether there are many options available on making flooding chair cover here we show you the easiest method.

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