How to Arrange Cushions on a Corner Sofa?

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When it’s about the core furniture of any living space, the sofa comes at the top of the list. Along with the living room, it is the key furniture for us to watch TV, lounge, and decorate around. The proper use of cushions on your sofa helps to enhance the beauty of your room.

Knowing how to arrange cushions on a corner sofa is not only necessary, it is also an art too. That is because it also says a lot about your tastes and personality too. Sometimes, it’s easy to select and collect attractive cushions but really difficult ​to arrange. You have to arrange cushions based on colour, texture, and sometimes contrast with other objects in your living room.

Let’s show you the cushion arranging process for a corner sofa to expand the visual attractiveness. This process will help you perfectly arrange and make your corner sofa a star in your living room.

What Is the Purpose of Cushions?

According to Wikipedia, a cushion is a soft bag that is filled with some ornamental material. Basically, cushions are filled with feathers, wool, non-woven material, polyester staple fiber, hair, and so on. It is used to soften the hardness of any couch, sofa, and also chair.

What Is the Purpose of Cushions?

Cushion helps to provide a more relaxed sitting position and aesthetically pleasing look. A throw pillow or cushion also offers posture support and helps people to sit more upright. They will work as a pressure reliever of your backside, and decorated cushions help enhance your living spaces beauty.

How to Arrange Cushions on a Corner Sofa

To arrange to throw pillows or cushions on your corner sofa, you don’t need to follow a book full of rules. You can follow the below-mentioned impeccable steps to make your living space look stunning. Here are some of the steps –

How to Arrange Cushions on a Corner Sofa

1. Matching

According to House Beautiful, none other sofa offers a flexible seating option as a corner sofa. So it is an essential or key part of your household furniture that needs to be arranged properly. You have to keep your corner sofa clutter-free and straightforward.

You have to choose a matching pair of cushions for your corner sofa and place them to maintain enough distance. Choosing the same texture or colour also can be an ideal choice.

2. Cushion Size or Shape

You can mix the cushion size or shape, which will create symmetry by dividing the corner sofa. If you are using a big corner sofa, then follow the following cushion size mentioned below.

Now place all of them with perfect alignment, and it will give your corner sofa a nice beautiful look.

3. Colour

You can use two or three different cushion colours to give your corner sofa a beautiful look. However, adding many patterns can spoil the perfect arraignment. Using two different plain colour for smaller square cushions can be an ideal choice. After that, you need to choose a complementing pattern for the rest two bigger 60 x 60cm cushions. This will give your corner sofa a proper arranging look by tying the colours.


4. Arrangement

You have to start with the longest side means the left-hand side of your corner sofa. Now simply place a single small square cushion with a rectangular cushion in the front. After that, place the larger cushions beside that and follow the same sequence to create a proper arrangement for the corner sofa.

5. Connecting The Dots

You need to nestle the three or two pillows in the center of the couch. It will connect the pillow or cushions line and bring the arrangement a complete circle. You may have to use a single or two interest cushions to give your corner sofa a nice look. However, the use of an interest cushion or pillow will depend on your sofa’s size. It will help create a rough symmetry and give your corner sofa a planned and coordinated look.

How to Choose Right Cushions for Corner Sofa

As cushions help increase the beauty of your living room, they can also decrease your living spaces’ beauty. That is because when you buy a sofa for big person, you can not use tiny cushions for that. You must have to choose the right cushions based on your sofa and design.

How to Choose Right Cushions for Corner Sofa

If you are using a corner sofa, then you have to select suitable cushions for that. That is because most of the time, cushions share the features of sectional sofas. You have to choose cushions for the corner sofa based on your spaces, seating, and preference. It also depends on your mood and taste too.

If your corner sofa is small, then you have to use fewer throw pillows to maximize seating. At the same time, you have to use several throw pillows for large sofas. This is how you can choose or select cushions for your corner sofa.


We have shown several ways on how to arrange cushions on a corner sofa; you don’t have to follow them precisely. But if you do not arrange the cushions properly, your living space will look dull, boring, and tasteless. Picking the right design and arranging the cushions of the corners sofa can boost the impression of your room space.

Not only you but there are also plenty of people who turn clueless when it comes to arranging throw pillows. Therefore, share this context with your family and friends and let them enhance the beauty of their living space. Furthermore, if there is any question that comes to your mind about this context, feel free to ask through comments.

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