How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work [How They Impact Your Body]

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Who doesn’t want to relax after a long tiring day? Fortunately, there are many chairs available on the market but you should have the most comfortable one in your home to relieve stress. Zero gravity chairs are currently considered to be the best relaxing chairs. These chairs are designed to improve health conditions and reduce stress.

However, the best thing about this chair is that it will make you weightless. Now you may have a question on your mind: How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work? Let’s find the answer.

What Is Zero Gravity Chair?

The reason why the zero gravity chair is called so is because of its unique shape and mechanism. It is a chair that creates a gravity field. This gravity technology was invented by NASA to fully make your body light weight. This chair is easily adjustable according to your relaxation.

Zero Gravity Chair

However, a zero gravity chair has many features, the feeling of light weight is one of the best. Sometimes this chair is called an anti-gravity chair that holds your body weight which will protect your spine and rib cage. Using the anti-gravity chair for back pain is very beneficial as it helps to reduce pressure points across your spine, back, buttocks.

How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work

Zero Gravity is a state or condition of lightweight where the net of gravity or an apparent effect is zero. It is designed on the basis of the theory that enables you to sit in a position where you don’t feel any body weight.

Zero Gravity Chairs Work

This does not mean that zero gravity chairs deny the laws of physics. It allows you to use physics for a comfortable seat position that astronaut seats in space ships are designed for. The legs are placed above the position of the heart under the zero gravity posture. This method enables your body to re-synthesize and distributes the weight evenly. This way the gravity force doesn’t affect some specific areas of your body.

Zero Gravity Chairs Work

Besides, the Zero Gravity Chairs improve your legs to support the Trendelenburg position. This helps the tiny valves in the veins to easily bring blood back to your heart. As a result, you will notice that there is no pressure on the lower, and upper back of your body.  This way the gravity chairs make you feel almost weightless.

Benefits Of Using Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chairs offer some pleasant and unexpected benefits. Below we have discussed some of the great benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs that you can get just by sitting in this chair.

benefits Zero Gravity Chairs

Enhanced Back Relaxation

Our body is constantly designed to fight against the gravitational force and it also has some adverse effects. One such effect is back pain which is caused by carrying most of the body weight on the lower back. Once you sit in the Zero Gravity chair the body weight is evenly distributed throughout your body. As a result, this chair decreases the pressure on your lower back and you feel less pain there.

Improve Blood Circulation

Zero Gravity Chair helps to enhance smooth blood circulation. As we know smooth blood circulation is vital for cell metabolism, stabilizing the body temperature, maintaining pH level, and osmotic pressure. Better blood circulation helps to release stress and pain as well as reduce the toxin from the body.

Improve Posture

Zero gravity chairs can help improve your posture which prevents injuries. Posture is the condition that our body holds while sitting, standing, or lying down. Good posture is the proper combination of body parts carried by the proper amount of muscle tightness against gravity. Using this type of chair can significantly improve your body postures.

Boost Immune System

Studies have shown that a 45-minute lying on the zero gravity chair can increase the production of lymphocytes in the human body. These are white blood cells play an important role in shielding the human body against several diseases. Also, these blood cells are primarily responsible for the body’s immune response. That means spending more time in the chair will help you get rid of the illness faster as well as avoid it.

Relaxes and Loosens Sore Muscles

While you are sitting on the Zero Gravity Chair, you will feel weightless to get maximum comfort. This reclined position can release the pressure of your muscle tightness in specific areas of your body. This way helps to decompress the spine and reduce painful pressure points. So you will get enough relaxation on your muscle pain or any other pain you are dealing with.

Regulate High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a bad thing that can lead to life loss or other health complications. The good thing is that a Zero Gravity Chair controls your blood pressure to make you feel comfortable. When you lie down in the Zero Gravity chair, your legs will be slightly higher than your heart. This position generally relaxes your body and helps to decrease the pressure on your heart. This enables your heart rate to become constant.


After reading this article, you may understand How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work.  Basically, in the zero-gravity position, you will feel light weight by reducing the gravity force. This position will help your body to be lighter and float in the air. As a result, your body feels stress-free and completely relaxed.

On zero gravity your body reverses many of the effects that strain on your vertebrae, relieving back pain, improving blood circulation, and many more. It enables your body to put less pressure on your spine and therapeutic relief. We hope the information we present has helped clear up your doubts about Zero Gravity Chairs.

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