Faux Leather vs Bonded Leather: What You Need to Know for Perfect Differences?

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Quality leather must be your top concern while purchasing something of leather materials. But, choosing the right one is quite confusing as all the leather goods look similar at buying time.

So, here we are! You will get the idea for exactly what you want in faux leather vs bonded leather. You can travel around the cost, durability, smell, texture, etc about both faux and bonded leather. So, let’s get started!

Faux Leather Vs Bonded Leather: What Is the Difference?

Faux Leather vs Bonded Leather

Both the faux and bonded leather are not that durable like the real one. But surely, faux leather stands first compared to the bonded leather. So, keep going through the following comparison below to be well informed before buying your leather goods.

1. What Is?

Faux Leather

what is it faux leather

All kinds of artificial leathers have a unique name. And you will find faux is one of them. In general, two sorts of building materials are found for faux leather. One is PVC-Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride) and another one is PU (Polyurethane). But you will get the faux leather looks like real leather.

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather

People also call the bonded leather as blended leather. The bonded leather is used for the man-made material with the animal threadbare. This leather is made as the layer of a fiber that is mixed with a polyurethane binder. It is embossed like a leather-quality. In a word, it can be said that bonded leather is a kind of non-natural or synthetic coating.

2. Cost

Faux leather

You have to pay 2.53 to 2.59 dollars if you want to buy only a meter. So, the price of faux meters is available for all buyers who have a low budget. The uses of polyurethane costs much less compared to the real leather. But, faux leather will bring you a variety of benefits as it is well-affordable for all levels of buyers.

Bonded Leather

Like the faux leather, bonded leather also costs much less than the real leather. Many companies sell their bonded leather products with low price to gain the customer’s belief of real leather.

3. Durability

Faux Leather

If you are looking for something well-durable, you can choose faux leather.  Faux leather is UV resistant. So, your product will not fade so easily and quickly. Moreover, it can resist the scrapes smoothly and also will not be cracked like real leather.

Bonded Leather

Unlike the faux leather, bonded leather gets less resilient compared to the real leather. A piece of small scraps meshed together which is an obstacle itself to create a hard exterior. And, it is the reason less durability of bonded leather.

Besides, try to change the leather coating of your furniture in each of the three-months. It is the way of expanding the durability of your belongings. This change of leather coating is called taming.

4. Appearances & Texture

leather Appearances and Texture

Faux Leather

The appearance of the faux leather is plastic like. You will not feel as smooth as the real leather. Even you have no option to stretch it as much as the real one.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather has an unfailing and smooth exterior. But it doesn’t mean perfection like real leather in all the ways. The products made of bonded leather come up with a well range of styles and designs.

5. Sustainability

Faux leather

Faux leather is considerably less detrimental for the environment. Faux leather is one step ahead than the bonded leather. It always keeps an excitement for the customers in the fashion world.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is counted as environmentally friendly and more sustainable. It is because the bonded leather is made of the scraps as well as threads leftover of the real leather. And it lessens the waste in the surroundings.

It cannot be considered as the real vegan product as it contains a little amount of real leather.

6. Care & Cleaning

leather Care and Cleaning

Faux Leather

Some of the users think that faux-leather-products need not to care well as they are durable. But it is also needed to get extra care, particularly, if you spill any kind of drinks that can damage the color. But, you can clean it with foamy water in a simple way.  Also, you have to dry it quickly and wipe again. A mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water can remove the oily marks. Make sure you are drying it thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Bonded Leather

It is said that cleaning and taking care of your bonded leather product isn’t that tough. You can simply clean your furniture or wear it using detergent. But you have to make sure the cleaning object that you are going to clean with is not harsh. You can follow the given procedures below to clean your belongings-

You can clean with a piece of cloth. Even you can use this wet. But, dry clothes are also suitable to clean the dust easily.

7. Smell

Faux leather

Although you will get all the elegant styles with the faux leather products, still you have to tolerate some kind odor. Just after bringing home the furniture can make an odor like smoke or staleness.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather on the other hand, will bring you a bad odor of plastic. This is because the mixed of its producing chemicals. You will not gt any other way to avoid this odor of bonded leather.

Faux Leather vs. Bonded Leather: Which One Is Better?

It is tough to specify one among these two types of leather.  Both of them contain some unique qualities and problems. So, you should choose the required one based on the durability and your affordability. But, I personally recommend choosing faux leather products rather than the bonded one.

Final Thought

You already have got an affluent knowledge of the fundamental differences between the faux leather vs bonded leather. You will find both of them as the most acceptable items over the world.

But faux leather is considered as the first choice among most customers. This is because of its affordability, color, stylish designs of the products, and also the low maintenance approach.

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