4 Things to Consider – Do Seat Cushions Help Back Pain

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If you have been experiencing back pain, you can agree that it can get quite uncomfortable anytime you want to sit down. Other activities may also be challenging to handle due to recurrent pain. So, the question remains, do seat cushions help back pain? It has been proved that indeed seat cushions offer some back relief that enables you to sit with ease. Seat cushions are meant to rectify your posture by allowing you to sit well by aligning your spine.

You will find seat cushions available on the market that help soothe existing back pain and aches. These aches might have been caused by years of leaning or even slouching, mostly due to prolonged sitting in the same position. The best part is with a seat cushion; you can combat this pain without resorting to seeking medical treatment.

Do seat cushions help back pain

Are Seat Cushions Good For You?

The lack of physical activity constituted by prolonged sitting periods can lead to aggravating back problems. Seat cushions are right for you because they help in giving you better posture by enhancing blood circulation. You can also sit without causing any back tension once you choose a seat cushion. Additionally, it also aids in keeping your spine aligned hence doing away with lower back pain. Without a doubt, seat cushions are the best solutions to back pain; that is why you should consider having one.

Do Seat Cushions Help Back Pain

Whenever you sit on a flat surface that is hard, you end up pressurizing your spine hence causing back pain. This can, however, be resolved by using seat cushions to help in relieving such pain. If you have been asking yourself do seat cushions help back pain, this review will give you the answers. Let us take a look at seat cushion benefits for back pain.

Personal comfort

Nothing helps as being comfortable when carrying out daily tasks, especially those that require prolonged sitting. Seat cushions create this comfort by focusing on helping you sit comfortably without straining your back. A good seat cushion is ideal for everyone, no matter the size making it the best tool for enhancing comfortability.


Seat cushions are excellent in allowing sitting with good posture, which in return, aids your body adapt to natural posture. This natural posture makes everything better, for it will enable you to go on with your activities without any worries. Nothing beats inborn posture, for it helps you resist chronic pain and, in return, making you increase focus. Such a posture will be enabled by having a good seat cushion that will not only make you confident but also happy in good health.


When you remain compressed by typical seats, you end up having blood flow restriction. This means blood will not flow well to the rest of your body. However, this can be corrected using seat cushions that eventually allow blood to flow in your body perfectly. By doing this, your muscles and tissues receive the required oxygen that eliminates metabolic waste. You will no longer feel tired, hence no pain ensuring exceptional body health.

Relieving lower back and hips pain

Seats that are designed poorly exert immense pressure on your back and hips. This is what causes not just back pain but also fatigue. This impacts significantly in your day to day life and your quality of life in general. Having a good seat cushion goes a long way in redistributing that excessive force protecting your body from any pain.

How To Choose Seat Cushions For Back Pain

The foremost benefit of having a seat cushion is its ability to minimize compression in the spine, hence relieving back pain. The following steps will enable you to have an idea of choosing seat cushions.

Step 1: Materials

If you are considering getting seat cushions, it is worth bearing in mind the material. This is because seat cushions come in a variety of materials; hence you need to choose that which best suits your needs best. There are two main options, which are gel and memory foam or a combination of both. The material might also determine the texture while some bring out your body shape. Choose a seat cushion with the material that matches your preference best.

Step 2: Thickness

How thick your seat cushion should be is also vital; this will depend on the thickness you want. Most cushion thickness usually ranges from 1-4 inches giving you the best option to go for. At times, thicker cushions may seem comfy, though, to others, it causes spinal segments misalignment. The bottom line is going for the thickness that works best with you. If thinner seat cushions are right for you, then go for it.

Step 3: Shape

There are usually two-seat cushion shapes for back pain. The contoured U-shaped cushion and flat cushion. The contoured cushion is best recommended for back pain as compared to a flat-shaped one. What a flat cushion does is only to provide a soft sitting surface, whereas a contoured one aids in maintaining excellent posture. Besides, it also eliminates pressure piling up around the tailbone area.

Step 4: Energy

Seat cushions provide the right posture and good circulation, meaning reduced pain. This is what will make you even more energized with little distraction. A supportive seat cushion will give you so much energy enabling you to get things done. You will be surprised at how great a cushioned seat is at not only relieving back pain but also giving you life for your other activities.

Note: We have discussed the best seat cushion for lower back pain and how effective it is. For more information, you can have a look at our next article.

Frequently Asked Question

Do seat cushions help sciatica?

Seat cushions help sciatica, especially those made with memory foam of high-density.

Is memory foam good for seat cushions?

Yes, memory foam is suitable for seat cushions because it is designed for comfort and allow relief that you require to sit for long hours.

What exercises help back pain?

Lower tummy strengthening is the crucial exercise for relieving back pain. The other exercises include spine stretch, lower back stretch, hip stretch, among others.

Final Thought

If you spend the better time of your daytime continually sitting at the same place, then you might end up having severe back pain. The good news is you can relieve this pain by using a seat cushion.  If your work involves sitting for long hours, then you should do your best to protect your body. The best and easy way is by using a seat cushion. It might sound ridiculous, but it is one of the best ways to relieve back pain.

So, if you have been wondering do seat cushions help back pain, then you have to know that they do. These cushions play a significant role in enhancing healthy posture, no matter the hours you take sitting. They are quite comfortable, offering the right thickness to suit your day to day needs.

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