Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021)

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If you are serious about video editing, your workplace contributes a lot to your productivity. Since you might spend several hours editing your videos, comfort is key. You need a comfortable video editing desk that can accommodate all your essential items.

An ideal video editing desk is spacious, sturdy, and provides a comfortable posture while working. You honestly want to have eye-level interaction with your desktop screen while editing your videos. It is more convenient and healthy. Therefore, take your time to explore the best desk for video editing, as summarized in this article.

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Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 1

Tribesigns Computer Desk

Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 2

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro – Curved-Front

Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 3

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 4

Need Computer Desk 63 inches Gaming Desk

Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 5

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer Writing

Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 6

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews (Editors Pick in 2021) 7

Mr. IRONSTONE Computer Corner Desk

7 Best Desk for Video Editing Reviews 2021

Picking a suitable desk for video editing can be challenging for first-time buyers. We have some top reviews of the best desk for video editing that will meet your requirements.


1. Tribesigns Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk

This computer desk for video editing is spacious and comfortable. Its contoured top measures 55 inches by 23.6 inches. The space is big enough to hold your keyboard, mouse, arms, and other workstation accessories. It includes an elevated desk hutch for accommodating two computer screens. This helps in maintaining a healthy distance between your eyes and the desktop screen. It is always more comfortable to have 1800 views of your screens.

Tribesigns computer desk has storage compartments at the bottom to make the table more versatile. These compartments are at the frame edge of the table; thus, your legs will have enough stretching and moving space. The wooden top has a black powder coat finish that completes the entire look of the desk.

The desk has both a sturdy top and frame so you don’t expect wobbling when working. Its adjustable foot pads play a vital role in establishing the stability of the desk. In case your floor is uneven, these pads will keep the desk stable. You also do not have to worry about the desk assembly since you can complete it within 15 minutes.

Tribesigns Computer Features:

  • The desk is large and spacious and gives room to keep your items organized.
  • It includes a raised hutch for elevating your desktop computers to eye-level.
  • With two lower shelves at the bottom, you can place your CPU or anything else.
  • It comes with a sturdy wood surface and 0.98inch pipe frames.
  • The adjustable feet pads come in handy when the floor is uneven by offering stability.

2. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro – Curved-Front

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro – Curved-Front

The Atlantic Gaming workstation is a versatile and feature-rich desk that best fits a video editing workstation desk. It has durable steel leg construction that can support the weight of multiple accessories. The legs have an X-crossed design to perfectly balance the weight distribution on the unit. It also has a sleek charcoal colored laminated top that gives a lovely and accommodating design. The sophisticated design is ideal for a dorm room, house, or studio since it blends well with space features.

This is one of the best desk for video editing that can accommodate a 32inch desktop computer or even two computers with a shared stand. The desk has smooth rounded contours to ensure you do not get hurt or damage surrounding walls. Its laminated top is wide and spacious to accommodate the keyboard, mouse, arms, headphones, tablet, and other accessories.

I find outstanding that the numerous stands and storage units on the laminated top for various purposes. It has a charging stand for charging your phone or tablet. The sides of the table include two speaker stands. You will find a basket below the desk to keep some items like books.

Atlantic Gaming Features:

  • The Atlantic gaming desk has durable steel. X-crossed legs for optimal stability and support.
  • It has a laminated, charcoal-colored surface that resists scratches and easy to maintain clean.
  • The elevated desk hutch can accommodate a 32inch desktop computer.
  • The rounded corners offer compatibility with a domestic or commercial working space.
  • It included numerous features such as a charging stand, speaker stand, under-desk basket, headset hook, and many more.

3. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

For many reasons, I would say that the Z-Line workstation is the most outstanding workstation desk I have seen. It has an extraordinary surface top that has won the hearts of many. The top has three layers; the keyboard tray, glass platform, and desk hutch. It may seem like a handful, but the numerous layers top provide you with multiple options when organizing your workstation.

You can use the glass tempered surface for placing a scanner, printers, speakers, or a desktop computer if your height allows. The tempered glass has chrome cylinder frames that stabilize the entire unit and support the glass surface. Above this glass surface is a wooden desk hutch that can accommodate two desktop screens. It helps in maintaining eye-level contact when working. There is a keyboard tray below the tempered glass. You can pull it out when using it; it has enough space to accommodate your arms.

The castor wheels attached to the cylindrical legs makes the workstation mobile. Therefore, it is easy to move from one place to another. The wood surface has a cherry finish that resists scratches and cleans with ease. It also includes a base that provides you with more storage options. The metal back is good at keeping the device cables at bay for a clear workspace.

Z-Line Designs Features:

  • The spacious tempered glass top provides multiple options for organizing your accessories.
  • It comes with a flexible keyboard tray for pulling out the keyboard and mouse while working.
  • It has a raised desk hutch that can accommodate two desktop computers.
  • The bottom platform is large and sturdy for storing larger/ taller workstation equipment.
  • The surface has a cherry, black accent finish for a lovely look and long-lasting performance.

4. Need Computer Desk 63 inches Gaming Desk

Need Computer Desk 63 inches Gaming Desk

Need Computer Desk is a simple and well-built workstation suitable for video designers. Although the desk features are unlike other video editing desks, they are perfect for the minimalist. You have the liberty to choose your organization formant with a large amount of desk space. The top of the desk measures 63inches by 23.7inches by 27.5 inches, which offers you more space than you need.

The large space is ideal for placing numerous desktop computers, keyboard, mouse, speakers, personalized gadgets, and any other equipment. Need Computer desk designers have constructed this desk with E-1 standard wood. This material is scratch-resistant, non-stick, easy to clean, and waterproof. The desk has sturdy metal frames that are square and are 1.2mm thick, which is three times thicker than other desk frames.

You will also love the adjustable legs that can level by 1.2cm on an uneven floor without wobbling. This desk takes you less than an hour to assemble the unit as you only need a hex to attach the four legs. Need Computer Desk Company provides 24-hour customer response to any questions or complaints you have.

Need Computer Desk Features:

  • It has a lot of space with measurements 63inches (L) by 23.7inches (W) by 27.5inches (H)
  • The surface top is wood with E-1 standards as approved by BIFMA which makes it safe to use.
  • It has 1.2mm square metal legs that provide sturdy support for your equipment.
  • The legs are adjustable by 1-2cm to stay in an unmoved position.

·         You need little time to assemble the entire desk and no expertise required.

5. Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer Writing

Walker Edison computer desk is a 2-in-1 modern creation that is ideal for domestic and commercial environments. Apart from video editing, you can use it for writing, gaming, and other computer-oriented activities. It has an X-leg design that joins together at the bottom with a sturdy block of metal. The steel desk frames are ideal for providing maximum support for your desktop computers and accessories.

It includes a universal CPU stand that sits between the frames of the two computer desks. The vast amount of space that the two desks provide offers you countless options when working. You can place two computer desktops on one of the desks, which leaves you with room from the other desk. Your arms and legs can relax due to the space available.

The powder-coated wooden surface is high-quality. It is resistant to water and scratches. Moreover, the matte surface makes cleaning easy. The L-shaped design offers you numerous options for accessing the sliding keyboard tray.

Walker Edison Furniture Features:

  • Walker Edison is L-corner shaped for optimal space provision.
  • The sliding keyboard tray is easy to access hence saving you more time.
  • This video editing desk comes as a single unit so no assembly work to do.
  • It has steel metal legs effortlessly supporting the weight exerted on the desk.
  • The inward leg connection between the two tables offers maximum stability.

6. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

This Walnut Wood corner desk has a laminated wood grain Espresso finish that gives it a fresh, aesthetic look. If you are into tastes, colors, and blending, this desk is perfect for you. One side of the desk can accommodate two computer desks, a mouse, a keyboard, and other accessories. The other side has bottom grommets to organize books and personalized items.

It is a study unit with stationed legs. It has two blocks of wood, triple woodblocks, and two thin woodblocks. The structure of legs is undefined, but sturdy their performance outmatches their appearance.

With the desk’s matte, wooden feel, it is hard to scratch or damage the surface. Additionally, it is waterproof and non-stick, thus easy to clean.

SHW L-Shaped Home Features:

  • It has an L-shaped construction to fulfill your space-saving needs.
  • The Espresso wood color and laminated wood grain give the desk a clean look.
  • Assembling the pieces is a faster task and you can begin to use the desk.
  • The size of this video editing desk is ideal for versatile uses apart from video editing.
  • One side of the desk has a storage compartment that you can use for various accessories.

7. Mr. IRONSTONE Computer Corner Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE Computer Corner Desk

Mr. Ironstone resembles Walter Edison’s computer desk. They both have an L-shaped design and material construction. They are ideal for meeting space-saving requirements. The L-shaped design gives you the option of snuggle fitting the desk into a corner for a limited space option. The optional monitor stand also saves space by lifting the desktop computer. It leaves you with enough room for the keyboard and stretching your arms.

Another benefit of the monitor stand is the eye-level distance between you and the computer screen. It is always a healthy option as it never strains your back or vision. With a desk height of 29.5inches and space between the table legs, you can relax your legs. Both sides of the wood surface are spacious; hence it can accommodate two computer desktops for video editing or gaming.

The designers of Mr. Ironstone used the P2 MDF board and steel metal frames to construct the computer desk. It has a powdered finish that makes the surface waterproof, non-stick, resistant to scratch, and easy to clean. The X-construct design of the legs gives stability and effective weight distribution. It also features legs pads that adjust easily when working on uneven surfaces.

Mr. IRONSTONE Features:

  • This desk has a full-L-shaped design for optimal space-saving.
  • It includes an optional monitor stand for accommodating desktop computers.
  • The steel metal frames provide the best support for your accessories.
  • It has adjustable leg pads for finding stability on uneven floors.
  • The desk features an engineered wood material for a durable use.

Why Should You Buy a Desk for Video Editing?

There are many benefits you will enjoy if you have the right video editing desk. You need a desk for video editing because of the following:

  • These desks give you more storage compared to normal office desks.
  • Desks for video editing give you more room to stretch your arms and legs.
  • To give you comfort needed to improve your productivity.
  • Provides appropriate posture, eye-level distance with the screen, and wrist rest.
  • To provide ample storage for all your accessories


I’m optimistic the above best desk for video editing reviews will assist you make the right decision. You may have noticed that you can use most desks for video editing, gaming, writing, and other purposes. I think all of the computer desks are remarkable due to their sturdiness and space options.

You should select Z-Line Computer Cyrus Workstation for your video editing tasks. Besides the usual sturdy and space features, you will love the stands and features. The chair has a separate cup, speaker, charging, controller, and headset stand ensure you have everything consecutively.

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