6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year)

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Scoliosis is a medical condition that affects 3% of the American population. Many people in America and other parts of the world spend more time working. Therefore, finding a suitable chair that provides lumbar support is hard. Sitting for long hours worsens the condition. This is why you need to get the best chair for scoliosis to relieve stress.

A comfortable chair gives you a good posture and improves your productivity. These chairs have a backrest that conforms to the shape of your spine hence reduce the cobb angle. We have put together top 7 reviews of recommended office chairs for scoliosis.

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6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year) 1

Steelcase Gesture Chair

6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year) 2

La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year) 3

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year) 4

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year) 5

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews (Top Brands of the Year) 6

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

6 Best Chair for Scoliosis Reviews 2021

Having an ergonomic chair will boost your working comfort. Here are the best chair for scoliosis you can choose.


1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

The chair features a textile material for durable use. It also has a nice graphite color that gives it an attractive look. It features an adjustable height from 39-44 inches to suit your height requirements. The width is 22-34 inches and the depth is 21-23 inches so you have ample seating position.

You will love the advanced synchro-tilt that helps you lean back, and the seat will rise to position your feet on the floor. The arm’s height also adjusts independently, so you will not experience shoulder fatigue or upper back problems. This chair was purposely made to mimic your body movements hence comfortable.

It features a variable backstop that keeps the backrest upright. You can choose the four settings to achieve a suitable recline angle to suit your needs. This chair also features a contoured back shape to give your spine a natural alignment. When it comes to the seat, it conforms to your body perfectly to minimize the pressure that results from sitting for the long term.

Steelcase Gesture Features:

  • Contoured back shape naturally aligns your spine to give you an S-shape.
  • The chair’s arms adjust 360 degrees to give you the needed support when dealing with various devices.
  • Armrests stay parallel to the work surface hence keep you comfortable at different recline angles.
  • You can choose up to 4 recline settings angles to suit your comfort needs.
  • Flexible seat edge gives a little bend to relieve pressure points in your thighs.

2. La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

A comfortable seating position enhances your productivity in the office. If you need the best office chairs for scoliosis, this one is suitable for you. The chair can support 400 lbs weight capacity. The advanced lumbar technology reacts to your body’s movements to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed.

The elevated headrest has some padding to relieve stress on your neck and head. It features body pillows that have foam layers that provide the best cushioning and comfort. The armrests are also padded to contour to your wrists and forearms while maximizing comfort. If you are into style, the dark stained wood and the brown leather upholstery give it a classic look.

The chair features convenient controls within reach to help you customize the height from 44 ½ inches to 47 ½ inches. You will also achieve productivity with an adjustable height, effective tilt and recline settings for all day comfort. If you would like to push the chair away from your working desk, it has convenient wheels for smooth rolling.

La-Z-Boy Trafford Big Features:

  • The chair features a reinforced back that provides more support.
  • Padded headrest and armrests offer a better cushion to keep you comfortable.
  • It features a waterfall seat edge to enhance your productivity by boosting circulation and reducing your legs’ pressure.
  • The wheels roll easily making it easy to push the chair away from your working desk.
  • Easy to achieve customized seat position with the convenient and easy to reach controls

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Do you need one of the most ergonomic chairs for scoliosis? This is a perfect computer chair or gaming chair. It gives you an ergonomic seating position to keep you comfortable and well supported. This office chair features a unique lumbar support system to align your spine hence reducing pain or compression. Therefore, you will experience less fatigue even after sitting for long hours.

The chair offers unmatched strength and stability. It features a strong base making it heavy-duty to support users up to 275 lbs. You will also love the lounge tilt up to 135 degrees to give you a comfortable position. This chair comes with two wheelsets. Therefore, you can enjoy a smooth feel when you are gliding, especially if you have hardwood floors.

You can choose from four fashionable colors to suit your taste. The chair comes in black, gray, burgundy, and brilliant blue to meet your interior décor requirements.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Features:

  • Adjustable mesh headrest moves up and down to keep you comfortable.
  • Features a breathable Elastomesh to provide maximum airflow hence no sweating.
  • It has a 5-point base that provides more strength and stability to hold a weight of 275 lbs.
  • You can tilt the chair to 135 degrees to achieve a perfect position for your next projects.
  • It comes with two wheelsets to suit the needs of people with hardwood floors.

4. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Upgrade your current office chair with this office chair for tailbone pain. This is one of the most comfortable computer chairs you can find. It features an adjustable head that allows your neck to lean comfortably. Additionally, the chair features an adjustable lumbar support bracket. This makes it easy to adjust the height. You will also appreciate the adjustable armrest that offers a wide range of office applications.

This is the best chair for scoliosis with ergonomic seating designed to suit your body movements. It gives you close-fitting hence eliminating pressure on your spine. This chair features an aluminum base that makes it stable and durable. It also has silent castors that move smoothly without making noise.

The seat has a cushion to keep you comfortable. It fits your hips perfectly, and the breathable mesh promotes air circulation. The mesh is strong and wears resistance to enhance the chair’s durability.

SIHOO Ergonomic Features:

  • An ergonomic office chair with adjustable armrest for a comfortable seating posture.
  • Durable chair with aluminum alloy legs and wear-resistant mesh.
  • It has adjustable lumbar support with an elastic sponge for comfort.
  • The chair has an ergonomic headrest that eases pressure on your neck.
  • Features a waterfall arc seating design to keep you comfortable.

5. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

The type of office chair you use can be the reason you experience constant back pains. Get the Alera multifunctional chair and enjoy unmatched comfort. This chair brags off a seat glide to enable back angle adjustment. It has an adjustable tilt, so you can either choose infinite locking positions or free-floating.

This chair gives you maximum comfort. The mesh back is breathable, so you will not experience sticking or sweating. The chair has a contoured seat cushion featuring a waterfall edge to eliminate pressure on your legs. Additionally, the arms have width and height adjustability to meet your comfort needs.

Another great aspect is the 5-star base that promotes stability. It features castors to provide smooth and easy mobility. This chair also has a height-adjustable ratchet to give you the required lumbar support.

Alera Elusion Series Features:

  • Designed with a cool and breathable mesh to promote airflow and comfort.
  • Features a contoured seat cushion that works well to eliminate pressure on your legs.
  • The chair has a height-adjustable ratchet back to ensure you get effective lumbar support.
  • The arms have soft pads, and offer easy height and width modification
  • It features a 5-star base with convenient casters to provide easy mobility.

6. Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

Equip your office space with this versatile computer chair. It works perfectly on hardwood and carpeted floors, thanks to the 5-dual wheel casters. This chair provides ergonomic support to ensure your productivity at work is high.

It features a breathable mesh back to prove effective airflow. You will find a densely padded leather seat to ensure you are comfortable even after long hours of working. This makes it ideal for everyday use. It gives you the required support, and it is sturdy to accommodate users with 331 lbs.

You can find this chair is in numerous colors. It also features adjustable seating to help you achieve armrests height adjustment. On top of that, you will love the 360 degrees swivel and the tilt and lock mechanism for ease of use.

Modway Articulate Features:

  • Quality office chair with reliable and ergonomic support for comfortable seating.
  • The chair features a breathable mesh back that allows more air to flow in.
  • Thickly padded seat cushions boost your comfort all the time.
  • You can adjust the height of the armrest, depending on your requirements.
  • The chair works well on hardwood and carpeted floors because it has 5-dual wheel casters.

How to Sit in a Chair with Scoliosis?

People with scoliosis need to ensure they maintain a proper sitting posture. These tips will help you know how to sit in a chair with scoliosis.

Sit at the Back:

You need to sit at the back of the chair completely and position the backrest so that the pelvis doesn’t tilt either backward or forward.

Lumbar Support:

You aim to get a neutral pelvic position. Always ensure you keep the lumbar support in the recommended place. This will help you get more support if you lean forward and exert pressure on the back.

Upright Position:

Ensure you sit at the back of the chair in an upright position. Don’t lean backward or forward. However, you can do some back workouts by stretching backward or forward to avoid clogged muscles.

Why Should You Buy a Chair for Scoliosis?

People with scoliosis experience more strain on their spine at work than people with straight spines. Normal office chairs can worsen this situation. This is why they need a special chair for scoliosis to relieve pressure and stress on their spine.

  • These chairs feature a slim shape to support your lower back and more support on the shoulder blades. As a result, you will get an upright posture and freedom of movement.
  • The chair features an adjustable backrest for comfort and they also give you support.
  • Chairs for scoliosis are ergonomic. Not only do they treat scoliosis but also ensure you don’t experience more unbalance.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are probably a few things that you would like to know about scoliosis. Read these regularly asked questions.

Can sitting cause scoliosis?

Sitting regardless of the posture doesn’t cause scoliosis. This is a condition that results from genetic factors that make the growth of your spine uneven.

Is walking good for scoliosis?

People with scoliosis can enjoy benefits from activities like walking and hiking. You can choose to sprint as compared to running for long distances.

What should I avoid if I have scoliosis?

Avoid bending your neck forward, especially when operating a smartphone. People with scoliosis should also avoid football, gymnastics, and ballet because these activities can injure your spine.

What exercises are good for scoliosis?

Some of the best exercises for scoliosis include pelvic tilts, cat-camel, single leg balance, and double leg abdominal press.

What is the best sleeping position for scoliosis?

People with scoliosis are advised to sleep on their side. This gives room for your spine curve to conform to the mattress hence relieve pressure.


The above office chairs are ideal for people with scoliosis. These chairs provide better lumbar support, and they have the best cushioning to maximize comfort. Compare the features of these chairs to help you pick the best chair for scoliosis. Most importantly, focus on the support and the level of comfort to increase your productivity.

We recommend the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair because it offers many benefits and is packed with great features. This is an ergonomic office chair which is comfortable. On top of that, this chair features a durable construction to serve you longer. Additionally, it is steady and gives you a close-fitting to relieve spinal pressure.

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