About us

What is Furnitureaction?

Furnitureaction is the most reliable place from where you get the best guideline about furniture for your home and office. It’s operated by a group of dedicated team members who are experts in this segment. We just want to provide you the best furniture guideline for your home and office without wasting your time & energy. It actually doesn’t matter what sort of furniture you are looking for?

You’ll get everything from here. For example, the best dining chair for the back pain, office chair for sciatica, best chair for the study, best recline, sofa, etc. The one and only thing that we dream for and work for is to assist you in purchasing the best furniture. Here on this site, we’ll provide you all the latest & reliable data about the best furniture for your home and office.

How Our Products Are Rated

To identify the best furniture for your home and office, we have hired a team of specialists, researchers, and experts to rate the best furniture. Our research team deeply studies the market and analyzes the top-selling furniture features and other aspects. While doing market research, our team analyzed the real buyers’ reviews and the core features of the products. For that, we’ve developed a system that identifies the unnatural reviews so that we only get the real-buyers reviews.

This helps us to get the suggestions and warnings of the real buyers’ reviews who had practical experience with the product. After doing the market research and analyzing the features of the product we primarily select the product. Then our expert team analyzed the selected products and cross-checked their features and characteristics. The best products get the top ranking based on their durability, reliability, and other aspects.

How We Make the Product Reviews? 

Starting With Market Research

Before listing any single piece of furniture on our site we did very deep research about it. We study the market, analyze its features with the requirements of the consumers. Then primarily list only those products that fulfill all the requirements and satisfy the consumers’ demand. Then our research team forwards the list to our expert team for further procedure. 

Determine the Key features

Different model furniture of different bands comes with its individual features to fulfill the different necessities of the consumers. So, not all features are going to bring the same benefits for all consumers. That’s why we categorized the product’s features to hunt the core features of that furniture that are most important for the consumers. 

Selecting Products

Our research team spent 50-80 hours on market research just to ensure that the product we’re listing here is the best product currently available on market. In the selection process, we give priority to only those products that are highly appreciated by their real-users. 

Reviews Analyzing

Analyzing the real-buyers reviews is one of the fundamental things that we strictly follow while doing our reviews. It helps our expert to make a better decision with the advice and warnings of the practical users. 


We follow a systematic procedure while rating every single piece of furniture on our site. We give them a positive score for every good side and a negative score for every bad issue. So when a product gets a high score it means it’s one of the best products compared to other similar products.

Writing Review

From market research to product features analyzing then listing the products and reading the real-buyers review, we make a primary selection of the product. Then our expert team analyzes the primary listed product and selects the top products for the final listing. Once the final listing is ready our research writer started writing on this and includes all the details and features of those products. 

Buying Guidelines

After completing all the analysis and research, our experts’ team comes with some findings. We sum up all those findings and organize them sequence-wise for you so that you get the ideal products that you are looking for. 

Who Are We? 

Michael Steele

Michael is the founder and owner of this site. By profession, he is a businessman but he is very passionate about writings. With his business, he has also written blog posts for many years. Michael basically operates a furniture shop. He has been doing this business for almost 18 years.

While doing his business, he discovers that most of his customers have no proper idea about the furniture for their house and office. So he decided to help them in a smart way and Furnitureaction is the result of it. Michael forms a team of specialists to assist the people who are looking for help.

About us 1

James F. Vigil

James is the chief editor of the Furnitureaction. He is a friend of Michael. Besides, he joins us at the request of Michael. We bring him to our team because of his huge expertise in this segment.

He has an interior design firm and that is one of the main aspects that he has a huge knowledge about furniture related things. James always says one thing that furniture is the ornaments of your house. Your house looks beautiful when you are able to pick the elegant one.

Aaron V. Hill

Aaron joins the Furnitureaction as a research writer. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Linguistics. Before joining us Aaron worked for two renowned magazine firms. Aaron is a quick learner and he always feels thirsty for learning new things. Anything he writes, he learns about that first by doing in-depth research.

About us 2